Play On showcases Australia’s most acclaimed young classical musicians alongside the country’s best electronic artists.

“The meticulously curated series of concerts encourages a new relationship between audience and performer, performer and space, and space and sound."
- Finding Figaro
“Play On’s unique Series format has delighted Melbourne audiences since November 2016. The synergy of genres, artists and settings consistently produces authentic and spellbinding performances."
-Thea Rossen

Musicians at Home

It's been a while, but we're back! We're easing into this new world order with a photo series we created with our friend Alan Weedon. Musicians at Home is a 12-part series in which we visit some of our favourite artists at home or in their studios and chat to them about creativity, making music, lockdown life and what's next for them.
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Play On Records

We created a label to showcase some of our favourite performing artists on record. Our first release, Cavern, is a single taken from upcoming album Flashed Glass by Sleep D x Ad Lib Collective.
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Analogue Attic
Recordings x Play On
Saturday 14 March 2020 / 2:30pm // Labassa Mansion
Play On and Analogue Attic Recordings in partnership with the National Trust of Australia (Victoria) present an afternoon at Labassa Mansion.

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